Why Do Flexible Solar Panels Fail?

Why Do Flexible Solar Panels Fail?

Solar panels give us a lot of benefits. This is why we are truly thankful that it is invented. Some brands and materials decide its durability.

There are different types of solar panels and one of them is flexible solar panels. They are easier to install because of their flexible material. But some people experienced problems with it. They tend to fail prematurely. In this article we will answer the question of “Why do flexible solar panels fail


Unexpected Impact

There are instances where severe weather conditions happen. This results in untoward situations such as sudden impacts on your solar panels. Since flexible panels are often thinner compared to their conventional counterparts, they are more prone to breaking. 

This is one of the consequences of that flexible solar panels are facing. So it is important to ensure that you put them in a safe area away from foreign objects. So in case, there is a weather condition you will be able to minimize the chances of the panels getting damaged. 

But when it comes to hailstones, you can’t prevent them from happening. You’ll feel helpless when they are already pouring from the sky. So the only way to do is to remove the solar panel once you’ve heard from the weather report that hailstones will occur.

Lack of Quality

There are times wherein factories fail to meet the quality standards of what they are manufacturing. This results in premature damage to the solar panels. That is why it is important to only avail premium solar panels especially the flexible ones.

Contact with Sharp Objects

Branches of trees can put harm on flexible solar panels because they most of them are sharp. This is why they can easily intrude on its surface. Because flexible panels are mostly thin which makes it super fragile. So it is important to make sure that there are visible branches near your panels.

Fake Flexible Solar Panels

If you noticed that your flexible solar panels deteriorate much quicker than usual, check if it is legit. There are lots of solar panels globally that claim that they are original but they aren’t. By knowing that the panel is original you have the assurance that you will not waste your money.

Extreme Heat

Flexible solar panels are very sensitive to extreme heat. It does not mean that the solar panel gets its power from the sun, you will expose it to extreme heat. 

Most especially when the summer season comes the temperature spikes up rapidly which is bad for flexible solar panels. It can result in a lot of damage to the inner components of the panels. So what you must do is to put your solar panels to the right places. It must have sufficient exposure to the sun’s heat but not too much.

Tilting a Flexible Solar Panel Can Damage it

It does not mean that a solar panel is flexible, you’ll going to tilt it already. In the long term, it can deform the structure of the solar panel which will result in permanent damage on your panel.

So be sure that you put your solar panels on even surfaces. As a result, you will prevent your solar panel from getting deformed.

Limited Warranty

Several solar panel manufacturers impose limited warranty on their products. This is why when there is a defect on the panel even if it is just minor, they are not addressed properly.

As a result, those issues are just taken for granted and can progress in the future. The worst-case scenario is that the panel’s issues can lead to complete failure. So you have no choice but to buy another set of solar panels.

The lesson is, always to determine the terms of the solar companies before opting to buy a panel. Choose the one that does have an extended and solid warranty.

Corrosion Due to Moisture

If you place your solar panels on the roof it is usually prone to moisture. So it is important to ensure that you will perform regular maintenance on it such as cleaning. Concentrate on zinc plated fixings because they are the ones that are prone to moisture. This will prevent corrosions to happen. As a result, it can lengthen the lifespan of y our panels.

Improper Installation

This contributes a lot to the failure of flexible solar panels. The carelessness and lack of knowledge are the primary reasons why flexible solar panels breakdown. Since they are not set correctly it will lead to the premature breakdown of the panels. As a result, it will not reach its full potential and lifespan.

Factory Defects

This is one of the most common causes of why flexible solar panels fail. There are times wherein the casing of the panels is not sealed properly. As a result, foreign matter intrudes on the interior of the panels making it prone to damage. Buyers are not aware of this especially if it was their first time having a panel.

Improper Cleaning

This is one of the most overlook factors of why do flexible solar panels fail quickly. Instead of doing good, cleaning improperly can put a significant risk on your panels. One example is by using a rough cloth in wiping down the dirt from the panels. It can scratch out the surface of the panel which is a bad move. Since flexible solar panels do have a thinner surface then a simple scratch might lead to permanent damage.


Now you know the different reasons why do flexible solar panels fail, then it’s time to take action. You shall ensure that your flexible solar panels are in good condition at all times. This will help you enjoy the benefits of the solar panels to its maximum potential.

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