How to Use Solar Energy for Garden?

How to Use Solar Energy for Garden

Having an efficient solar panel system for your garden can bring you forth folds of benefits. It will not only make your garden look really amazing but also spare yourself from headaches because of high electricity bills.

In this article, we will try to unlock the different ways to use solar energy for garden. It will give you an idea of how awesome will it be after determining the usage of solar energy for your garden.

Let us not delay the excitement anymore by enumerating them individually.

  • For Lighting: In the evening, it is more desirable if you will have solar lighting in your garden as solar path lights, post lights, decor garden lighting…. This will add up extra security in the evening and will make your garden look impressive as well.
  • For Aesthetics Purposes: As we all know a solar panel system can really look good. So once you have this in your garden, people will surely drool over the great looks of your garden. This will be an added factor for having a better-looking house.
  • For Water Timer Device: Solar panels are a great source of electricity for your water timer device. This is perfect if you have a busy schedule because you do not have to manually water the plants.

The good thing is you can do things in an automated way without increasing the costs of your grid consumption. So you just set up it and you are good to go. It is more efficient in the summer season as it can prevent the drying of your plants.

  • For Multifunctional Use: There are times when we go to our garden, we love to have recreational activities. This is why we will need to be powered by electricity in order to enjoy more especially when camping.
  • Perfect for Powering up Greenhouse: Solar panel systems on your garden are great especially for small-sized greenhouse. You’ll never worry anymore of where to get your power source.
  • Backyard Solar Swimming Pool: As we all know swimming pool filter systems, eat up a lot of grid power. So if you are reluctant of building one for your backyard because of maintenance costs issues then integrating a solar panel system on your backyard swimming pool is a good idea.
  • Garden Sheds: Powering up garden sheds is absolutely perfect if you will get it from solar energy. This will save you a lot of money from grid costs. It is always better to have garden sheds as it will give you and your delicate plants some sort of protection.

The Perfect Types of Solar Panels to Use for your Garden

After knowing the benefits, the next thing that you want to know is the type of solar panel to use. There are two types of solar panel that is perfect for garden use and you’ll surely not want to miss out on them.

  • Polycrystalline – this type is more affordable but it does not make them less in terms of efficiency. They are reliable as well but obviously not as great with their monocrystalline counterpart. They are considered efficient as well but they tend to accumulate heat faster.
  • Monocrystalline – they are considered as the premium type of solar panels that are perfect for gardens. They are composed of silicon ingots and look really unique with their rounded cells. They tend to last extremely long and the best when it comes to efficiency.

When should you decide to put a solar panel system in your garden?

We have proven that you’ll get a lot of benefits if you put a solar panel system in your garden. But it is always important to know the right timing when to put one. Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

  • Budget: It is always important to have an extra budget if you want to have a solar panel system because as we all know they never come cheap.
  • You know reliable people that know how to install: Since the solar panel industry is growing nowadays, this could be a problem if you availed the wrong guys. So it is important to have some sort of background check in order for you to ensure that you’ll not waste your money on below satisfactory services and products.
  • Factors that comprise your area. There are several factors before you come up with a decision that you must finally install a solar panel system in your garden. The factors can be really minor up to serious that it must not be taken for granted. Some of the well-known factors are the following:
  • The climate in your area: It is advisable if your place has great regular exposure to sunlight. This will help you get the most out of your solar panel system for your garden in terms of efficiency. The devices like best solar pathway lights, solar heating systems… will help you do this
  • Pests: You might be aware if there are certain pests in your area that might damage your solar panel system. You must get rid of them completely or place some kind of protection in order to give you peace of mind that your newly-purchased solar panel system will not get destroyed by them.
  • Security: Do you have a completely secured home? Right now, bad elements are aware of how much does a complete set of solar panel system costs; that is why it is important that you completely understand the risks. The action plan that you must do is ensure that no trespassers can intrude on your place. This is a great way in order for your solar panel system to be safe at all times.


After we have discussed the different ways to use solar energy for garden, you have now an idea of why you should consider having them. It will not only make your grid consumption lower but also will make your garden look promising. It is a good long-term investment that you will not regret for sure. Try it out and see the difference that it can give to your garden in a positive way.

Why Do Flexible Solar Panels Fail?

Why Do Flexible Solar Panels Fail?

Solar panels give us a lot of benefits. This is why we are truly thankful that it is invented. Some brands and materials decide its durability.

There are different types of solar panels and one of them is flexible solar panels. They are easier to install because of their flexible material. But some people experienced problems with it. They tend to fail prematurely. In this article we will answer the question of “Why do flexible solar panels fail


Unexpected Impact

There are instances where severe weather conditions happen. This results in untoward situations such as sudden impacts on your solar panels. Since flexible panels are often thinner compared to their conventional counterparts, they are more prone to breaking. 

This is one of the consequences of that flexible solar panels are facing. So it is important to ensure that you put them in a safe area away from foreign objects. So in case, there is a weather condition you will be able to minimize the chances of the panels getting damaged. 

But when it comes to hailstones, you can’t prevent them from happening. You’ll feel helpless when they are already pouring from the sky. So the only way to do is to remove the solar panel once you’ve heard from the weather report that hailstones will occur.

Lack of Quality

There are times wherein factories fail to meet the quality standards of what they are manufacturing. This results in premature damage to the solar panels. That is why it is important to only avail premium solar panels especially the flexible ones.

Contact with Sharp Objects

Branches of trees can put harm on flexible solar panels because they most of them are sharp. This is why they can easily intrude on its surface. Because flexible panels are mostly thin which makes it super fragile. So it is important to make sure that there are visible branches near your panels.

Fake Flexible Solar Panels

If you noticed that your flexible solar panels deteriorate much quicker than usual, check if it is legit. There are lots of solar panels globally that claim that they are original but they aren’t. By knowing that the panel is original you have the assurance that you will not waste your money.

Extreme Heat

Flexible solar panels are very sensitive to extreme heat. It does not mean that the solar panel gets its power from the sun, you will expose it to extreme heat. 

Most especially when the summer season comes the temperature spikes up rapidly which is bad for flexible solar panels. It can result in a lot of damage to the inner components of the panels. So what you must do is to put your solar panels to the right places. It must have sufficient exposure to the sun’s heat but not too much.

Tilting a Flexible Solar Panel Can Damage it

It does not mean that a solar panel is flexible, you’ll going to tilt it already. In the long term, it can deform the structure of the solar panel which will result in permanent damage on your panel.

So be sure that you put your solar panels on even surfaces. As a result, you will prevent your solar panel from getting deformed.

Limited Warranty

Several solar panel manufacturers impose limited warranty on their products. This is why when there is a defect on the panel even if it is just minor, they are not addressed properly.

As a result, those issues are just taken for granted and can progress in the future. The worst-case scenario is that the panel’s issues can lead to complete failure. So you have no choice but to buy another set of solar panels.

The lesson is, always to determine the terms of the solar companies before opting to buy a panel. Choose the one that does have an extended and solid warranty.

Corrosion Due to Moisture

If you place your solar panels on the roof it is usually prone to moisture. So it is important to ensure that you will perform regular maintenance on it such as cleaning. Concentrate on zinc plated fixings because they are the ones that are prone to moisture. This will prevent corrosions to happen. As a result, it can lengthen the lifespan of y our panels.

Improper Installation

This contributes a lot to the failure of flexible solar panels. The carelessness and lack of knowledge are the primary reasons why flexible solar panels breakdown. Since they are not set correctly it will lead to the premature breakdown of the panels. As a result, it will not reach its full potential and lifespan.

Factory Defects

This is one of the most common causes of why flexible solar panels fail. There are times wherein the casing of the panels is not sealed properly. As a result, foreign matter intrudes on the interior of the panels making it prone to damage. Buyers are not aware of this especially if it was their first time having a panel.

Improper Cleaning

This is one of the most overlook factors of why do flexible solar panels fail quickly. Instead of doing good, cleaning improperly can put a significant risk on your panels. One example is by using a rough cloth in wiping down the dirt from the panels. It can scratch out the surface of the panel which is a bad move. Since flexible solar panels do have a thinner surface then a simple scratch might lead to permanent damage.


Now you know the different reasons why do flexible solar panels fail, then it’s time to take action. You shall ensure that your flexible solar panels are in good condition at all times. This will help you enjoy the benefits of the solar panels to its maximum potential.

Why Is My Electric Bill So High With Solar Panels

Why Is My Electric Bill So High With Solar Panels?

Solar panels promise us to lessen our electricity bills and the greenhouse gasses in the air. This is why local government from around the world suggests using solar panels. 

But the problem is if it does not meet your expectations. You are still experiencing high electricity bills even you are using a solar panel. In this article, we will answer the question of “why is my electric bill so high with solar panels?”

The Reasons for that High Electricity Bill

Well, it does not mean that you already have a solar panel, your electricity bills will go down immediately. That will only happen if you did nothing wrong with it.

Your Solar Panels are Defective

There is no doubt that your electricity bills are still higher because of defective solar panels. Since the panels are defective, its efficiency will not be used to its full potential. So be sure that before the installation, inspect the panels if they are in good working condition. This will prevent any problems in the future too.

You are not making the most of it

There are various techniques in making your solar panels more efficient. One example of it is by surrounding the panel with mirrors. It will help in maximizing the sunlight to help the solar panels produce more power. As a result, you’ll have more supply of solar energy throughout the day.

The Placing is Incorrect

Solar panels must be put in the right place to optimize its performance. It must get sufficient sunlight to ensure that enough energy is produced. There must also be a clear airway at the top of the panel. It must be free from external factors such as branches from trees.

Lack of Solar Energy

In winter season expect that there will be a decrease in sunlight. Having said so, the alternative source will be used which will result in higher electricity bills. There are lots of workarounds on this and it is not a problem if you know how to work things out.

You are Using Too Much Electricity 

Even if you are using a solar panel it does not mean that you’ll already waste energy. Using too much electricity than you need, it can drain up your solar energy storage. This will result in more electricity consumption that might increase your bills.

Using Old Appliances can Spike Up Electricity

Compared to the newer appliances, the old ones tend to consume more power. The latest technologies optimize energy well resulting in a reduction of consumption. 

For example, air-conditioners and refrigerators, inverter technology makes lessen their power consumption.

Overpowered Appliances

There is no doubt that some of us use appliances that consume too much electricity. For example, you have a small room and you are using a 2 HP air-conditioner. 

That does not give any justice and will just waste a lot of electricity as a 0.5 HP air-conditioner is already enough to cool the whole room. Instead, you must only use the right appliances for your needs.

Lack of Managing Skills

When it comes to appliances in our home, you must know how to utilize them well. So the next time you’ll not have to wonder “why is my electric bill so high with solar panels”.

First, before you put a certain appliance inside your home, you must have a concrete plan in using them. For example, you plan to buy a washing machine. You must set a schedule in using it so that you can conserve electricity. 

Also, when you iron your clothes, you must do it in bulk rather than ironing a few pieces. Simple things like that will help you lower down your electricity bills significantly.

Static Electricity

This is one of the most overlooked parts of households. We tend to leave the appliances that we are not using plugged on which is a bad practice. It still consumes a significant amount of electricity especially when you left it plugged for a long time.

Be sure to remove all the appliances that are not in use. It will also lengthen the lifespan of the appliance because electricity fluctuations can damage them.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

One more reason that is behind high electric bills is faulty wirings. Erroneous wirings can be a cause of fire too! But the long-term effect of it is static electricity consumption. 

Although it is cheap having that problem for a long time can cost you a lot of money. So once you notice a problem like that then does not hesitate to call an electrician.

Illegal Electrical Connections

If you are living in highly congested areas then you must be mindful of illegal connections. If you noticed something unusual regarding your electric bills, check immediately. There might be illegal connections lurking on your home. As a result, your electricity bills will be higher than usual. You must terminate and report them to the authorities.

Dirty Solar Panels

Believe it or not, the dirt in the solar panel can become a hindrance to its efficiency. It can prevent the sunlight from coming inside the panel’s surface. As a result, the maximum potential of the solar panel is not met.

Substandard Materials

When acquiring a solar panel, be sure that it is reliable. Do not opt to buy cheaper brands because it might compromise quality. It is always better if you have a premium quality solar panel that is effective and will last long.


Now you have the answer to the question “why is my electric bill so high with solar panels?” You can act on it to ensure that you will save money on your bills. This will ensure that you will make the most out of your investment in those solar panels.

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive?

Common households are reluctant in implementing solar energy in their homes. This is because solar panels tend to be very expensive. Not only that, thinking about the installation costs and the process can be daunting.

Since solar panels are made of rare and delicate materials, producing them is costly. This is why common people just turn to conventional electricity sources. Consumption will remain expensive and greenhouse gasses will continue to increase.

This is why despite the challenges solar panels are a good investment. It can lower your bills for the long term and will make the environment a healthier place to live.

In this article, we will indulge deeper on why are solar panels so expensive. You’ll have an idea of the factors that make solar panels pricey.

Yes, they are expensive but due to the rapid increase in solar companies, prices tend to drop. Although it is still not attainable for an ordinary household to afford, the industry is on the right track.

Here are the primary reasons why are solar panels so expensive:

  • The materials are hard to find: The materials used in making the panels do not come handy.
  • The process of making them is delicate: They are not easy to make. This is why manufacturing them requires a lot of expertise.
  • Handling them requires extra care and attention: After manufacturing, solar panels require storage that will keep them safe. There are standard operating procedures that are made to prevent damages on the panels. The pieces of equipment used to make this possible are too expensive as well.
  • Complicated installation: The installation of solar panels requires professional help. It only means that it does not come cheap.

Why are solar panels getting cheaper over time?

The good news is, the price of solar panels is getting lower over time. Several factors comprise it. In this part of the article, we will discuss it.

  • The competition is getting stiff: Day by day, the solar energy industry is growing. This is why its manufacturers need to adjust their pricing for them to remain in-game.
  • Alternative materials are readily available: This reduces the price of solar panels significantly. Just be sure that it will not compromise the quality of it.
  • Flexible plans offered: Right now, solar panel manufacturers are finding a way to reach more buyers. So they came up with a solution to giving customers flexible plans. One example of it is long-term leasing.
How to Test a Deep Cycle Battery?

How to Test a Deep Cycle Battery?

All cars and engines, for domestic and industrial purposes, need a good battery to work. Deep cycle batteries are one of the most reliable batteries in this regard but the key to enjoying durability, while using, is to know how to test a deep cycle battery. This will ensure it remains long-lasting and reliable. 

What is a Deep Cycle Battery?

The deep cycle battery is no more than a rechargeable lead battery that comes in variants, and may be used in many machines because of their energy retaining abilities. The term ‘deep cycle’ means the ability to work for a very long time. While other batteries are created for a short burst of energy, before they are required to be charged, a deep cycle battery may work to disburse up to eighty percent of its energy capacity before there is a need to recharge. Other batteries, with short burst energy capacity, often require a recharge as soon as they are below fifty percent.

Where a Deep Cycle Battery is Most Ideal?

Because of its nature, a deep cycle battery is most ideal for certain machines and in certain industries. Although, its domestic use is quite unlimited. For industries, the deep cycle batteries are most favored by heavy machinery in need of stronger batteries to operate such as the forklift and other machines involved in material handling.

Most of the standard equipment in the marine industry uses the deep cycle battery. This is because of the probability of long voyages or expedition which may require only the most sustainable batteries for all necessary equipment. Also, the deep cycle battery is used for recreational machinery like the golf carts and other recreational vehicles.

Because of its deep-cycle sustainability, it is very ideal for off-grid renewable energy such as the solar inverter installation for both domestic and industrial uses. Since most of the few examples listed here can be a huge machine to a rather handy one, one will not imagine having just the same form of deep cycle battery for all of these examples. This will bring us to the types of deep cycle batteries.